Fujitsu General Purpose Manganese 2pcs C-size Blister Pack

 Fujitsu General Purpose Manganese 2pcs C-size Blister Pack
Brand: Fujitsu
Product Code: R14(2B)FJEU-HW
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The growth has been in secondary batteries (rechargeable) but non-rechargeable or primary batteries are equally important. They continue to fill an important niche market in applications such as wristwatches, remote controls, electric keys and children's toys. Primary batteries also assist when charging is impractical or impossible, such as military combat, rescue missions and forest-fire services. Others applications of primary batteries are tire pressure gauges in cars and trucks, transmitters for bird tracking, pacemakers for heart patients, intelligent drill bits for mining, as well as light beacons and remote repeater stations. High specific energy, long storage times and operational readiness make this battery well suited for such applicationns. The battery can be carried to remote locations and used instantly, even after long storage. Most primary batteries are inexpensive, readily available and environmentally friendly.

Model No : R14(2B)FJEU-HW
Selling Unit : 2pcs
Application : Transmitter, Radio, Wireless, Torch, Toy, Game, Instrument, Elctronic
Chemistry : Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc
Voltage : 1.5V
Brand : Fujitsu
Size : C
Width : 
Height : 
Weight :

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