Fujitsu Heavy Duty AAA 4pcs Blister Pack

Fujitsu Heavy Duty AAA 4pcs Blister Pack
Brand: Fujitsu
Product Code: R03N(4B)FJ-EUNC
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Digital and mobile equipment now penetrates all aspect of our lives. As a result, the batteries driving this equipment tend to be compact and lightweight and have excellent performance. Fujitsu alkaline G is one of the product from FDK, whereby FDK is one of very few Japanese manufactures that both design and operate automatic production lines for batteries. Regarding FDK's alkaline batteries, in particular which feature the world's top level of performance, not only the batteries but also the facilities that manufacture them have been acknowledged for their high quality around the world.

Model No : R03N(4B)FJ-EUNC
Selling Unit : 4pcs
Application : Transmitter, Radio, Wireless, Torch, Toy, Game, Instrument, Elctronic
Chemistry : Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc
Voltage : 1.5V
Brand : Fujitsu
Size : AAA
Width : 10.5mm
Height : 44.5mm
Weight : 10g

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